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The research in NCL is targeted towards printed solar cells. We develop technologies for ink fabrication of solar cells and explore the science behind it. There are two groups in the lab working on:
Solution Processed CIGS and CZTS Solar Cells
CIGS solar cells are an established class of solar cells which are commercially available through vacuum based fabrication technologies. Our effort is to develop ink-based techniques for low-cost, efficient solar cells. We have already developed inks for high quality CIGS deposition, stable ZnO nanoparticles for uniform, low-temperature ZnO deposition, different carbon pastes, graphene and GO inks, Ag nanowire dispersions for TCF coating, and Au or Ag inks.
Besides we have started CZTS solar cells which are structurally very close to CIGS cells. Our target is to fabricate CZTS devices using ink-based methods and improve their efficiency by controlling the defects.     
Perovskite Solar Cells
For perovskite solar cells, there are two main targets we follow:
Stability: This is one of the main challenges of perovskite solar cells. Perovskite layers are especially sensitive to humidity and heat. We mainly work on replacing the unstable materials with more stable inorganic materials. 
Scale-up: Our effort is to develop methods for all ink-based deposition methods. These include, for instance, developing slot-die printing methods, low temperature ETL layers and printing metal electrodes.