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Research Director : Prof. Nima Taghavinia
Physics Department and Institute for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Sharif University of Technology

Collaborators and Visiting Scholars
Dr. Fariba Tajabadi
Nanotechnology Center, Materials and Energy Research Center

Dr. Raheleh Mohammadpour
Institute for Nanosceince and Nanotechology, Sharif University of Technology

Postdoc Researchers
 Dr. Nahid Ghazyani


 Dr. Hossein Taherian Fard


 Dr. Maryam Heidari


 Dr. Sara Mashhoun


Assistant Researchers
 Mahboubeh Karimi


 Raheleh Ghahary


 Fatemeh Ghasemi


 Hanieh Sharifian


 Karim Abdizadeh


Ph.D Students
 Parisa Feizabadi


 Ahmad Saraei


 Mostafa Shabanloo


 Mehdi Dehnavi


 Mostafa Shabanzadeh


 Mostafa Gholami


 Sajjad Mahmoodpour


 Aliakbar Ghaffari


 Zahra Abadi


 Razieh Teimouri


 Reza Ghayoor


 Zhila Khakpour


 Mohammad Saeid Rajabzadeh


 Ali Nahani


Visiting Ph.D Students
 Mahshid Ghavamipour


 Parisa Karimi


Master Students
 Maryam Kadivar


 Fatemeh Zarali


 Afshin Arastouei


 Atefeh Hashemi


Visiting Master Students
 Donya Nazari


Bachelor Students
 Rojan Abolhassani



 Hamed Rahbari     MS graduate (1401)

Project: Doctor-blade Printing of Absorber Layer of Mixed-cation and anion Perovskite Solar Cells in Ambient Air

Abolfazl Farmanian     BS graduate (1401)


 Sajjad Mahboobi


 Najmeh Sarvari


 Sahar Vatankhah


 Hamed Samizadeh    MS graduate (1401)


 Alireza Nazaripour    MS graduate (1401)


 Dr. Somayeh Gholipour    Postdoc (1401)


 Dr. Razieh Keshtmand    Postdoc (1401)


 Hanieh Sharifian    MS graduate (1401)


 Mahsa Heydari    Assistant Researcher (1397-1400)


 Dr. Zahra Saki    Postdoc (1400)


 Mahdieh Hosseini     Visiting Ph.D. (1400)


 Amir Hossein Aghaii     BS graduate


 Mohammad Sedghi    BS graduate


 Seyed Amir Hossein Mohseni Armaki


 Mozhgan Kazemzadeh Otoufi    Visiting Ph.D.



 Tayebeh Ghorbani   Visiting Ph.D.


 Maryam Hashemi    Ph.D. graduate


 Dr. Fatemeh Ansari    Postdoc


 Dr. Mozhdeh Forouzandeh     Postdoc


 Dr. Fatemeh Behrouznejad    Postdoc


 Maryam Choghaei    MS graduate (1400)


 Sina Mohammadi    MS graduate


 Hina Zohra Shamsi


 Rohollah Khosroshahi    PhD Graduate


 Rafat Rafieirad PhD Graduate (1400)


 Elnaz Ghahremanirad Assistant Researcher


 Raheleh Ghahary Assistant Researcher 


 Amin Mirkazemi Assistant Researcher 


 Zahra Abadi Assistant Researcher


 Hossein Rezaiyan Bazzaz Assistant Researcher 


 Dr. Rahimeh Sedighi    Postdoc


 Dr. Sara Mashhoun    Postdoc


 Dr. Moosa Nakhaei    Postdoc


 Dr. Farzaneh Aghakhani Mahyari    Postdoc


 Dr. Mehdi Dehghani    Postdoc


 Firouzeh Ebadi    PhD graduate (1399)


 Mozhdeh Forouzandeh    PhD graduate (1399)


 Project: Perovskite Solar Cells with Carbon Composite Electrodes and Inorganic Hole Tansport Materials

 Ehsan Ghavaminia    MS graduate (1399)


 Elham Baghestani    MS graduate (1399)


 Ali Amiri Zarandi    PhD graduate (1399)


 Fatemeh Mohammadkhani    PhD graduate (1398)


 Mahdi Mohammadi    MS graduate (1398)


 Mehran Vaezi    MS graduate (1398)


 Erfan Bayat    MS graduate (1398)



 Mirmehdi Zekavat    MS graduate (1398)


 Zahra Mirzajani    MS graduate (1398)


 Niusha Heshmati     MS graduate (1398)


 Amir Mahmoud Bakhshayesh   PhD graduate (1398)


 Mehran Minbashi    MS graduate (1398)


 Mahsa Heydari    MS graduate

 Project: Experimental study of structural defects in perovskite layers and their effects on the performance of perovskite-based solar cells

 Nastaran Alamgir Tehrani    BS graduate


 Ershad Parvazian     PhD graduate (1398)


 Farid Salmany    MS graduate (1397)


 Khashayar Arefi     MS graduate (1397)


 Zahra Saki    PhD graduate (1397)


 Sara Mashhoun    PhD graduate (1397)


 Effat Assar Noughabi    Visiting PhD


 Elham Hashemi


 Dr. Rezvaneh Amrollahi    Postdoc 1396-1397


 Dr. Hamid-Reza Bahari     Postdoc 1396-1397


 Fahimeh Zamanpour   MS graduate 1397 (2018)

 Project: Low temperature electron transport layer for perovskite solar cells

 Noushin Rasti   MS graduate 1397 (2018)

 Project: Application of ZnO nanostructured layer in perovskite and chalcogenide thin film solar cells

 Maryam Haghighi  PhD graduate 1397 (2018)

 Project: SnS2 nanostructured layer as electron transport layer in perovskite and chalcogenide thin film solar cells

 Dr. Mohammad Hassan Khanmirzaei  Postdoc 1396-97 (2017-2018)

 Dr. Mehdi Malekshahi Postdoc 1396-97 (2017-2018)

 Azam Khorasani  Visiting Ph.D Student 1396 (2018)

 Mahsa Arasteh   MS graduate 1396 (2018)

 Project: Fabrication of Mixed Cation  Perovskite Solar Cells Using Vapor Phase  Deposition

 Motahhare Mirhosseini   MS graduate 1396 (2018)

 Project: Solution-processed Au Cathode for Perovskite Solar Cells

 Somayeh Gholipour  PhD graduate 1396 (2017)

 Project: Carbon-Based Perovskite Solar Cells

 Vahid Saadattalab   MS graduate 1396 (2017)

 Project: CZTS Solar Cells

 Rahimeh Sedighi  PhD graduate 1395 (2017)

 Project: Perovskite Solar Cells

 Ahmad Sadri

 Project: Black coatings for solar heating

 Pedram Rezaei Siroos   MS graduate 1396 (2017)

 Project: Optical displacement sensor

 Hamid Reza Akbari   MS graduate 1395 (2017)

 Project: Slot die printing of perovskite layers

 Saeed Shahbazi, PhD graduate 1395 (2016)

 Project: Perovskite ink formulations

 Amir Cheshmeh Khavar, PhD graduate 1395 (2016)

 Project: CuInS2 solution-based solar cells

 Amin Mirkazemi, MS graduate 1395 (2016)

 Project: UF ceramic membranes

 Fatemeh Behrouznejad, PhD graduate 1395 (2016)

 Project: DSCs and Perovskite cells metal electrodes

 Mahdi Malekshahi, PhD graduate 1394 (2015)

 Project: Plasmonics in DSCs

 Kazem Meraji, MS graduate 1394 (2015)

 Project: Thermoelectric cell fabrication

 Sahar Pishgar, Master graduate 1394 (2015)

 Project: DSCs based on metal mesh electrodes

 Farnaz Safi Samghabadi, Master graduate 1394 (2015)

 Project: CuInS2 superstrate solar cells avoiding TiO2 blocking layer

 Hakimeh Zare Bidaki, PhD graduate 1394 (2015)

 Project: CdTe QDs and application in OLEDs and luminescent sensors

 Hasan Aldaghi, PhD graduate 1394 (2015)

 Project: Oxide films as hole and electron transport layers in LEDs

 Seyed Ebrahim Chalangar, Assistant Researcher 1392-93 (2013-2014)

 Dr. Masoumeh Ghalkhani, Visiting Scientist 1393 (2014)
 Shahid Rajaei University

 Mahdi Dehghani, PhD graduate 1393 (2014)

 Project: Solution processed CuInS2 solar cells

 Zahra Hosseini, PhD graduate 1393 (2014)

 Project: Photon management in DSCs using luminescent down shifting

 Dr. Shaker Hajati, Visiting professor, Yasuj University, 1392-1393

 Farshad Riahinia, Master graduate 1393 (2014)

 Project: Solution processed CdTe solar cells by CdTe QDs

 Rouhollah Khosroshahi,  Master graduate 1392 (2013)

 Project: Development of CIS nanocrystal ink and application in solar cell

 Sajjad Hajian, Master graduate 1392 (2013)

 Project: Design of Voc and Jsc decay measurement system

 Seyed Ebrahim Chalangar, Master graduate 1391 (2012), Assistant Researcher 1391-92 (2012-2013)

 Project: Fabrication of Dye Sensitized Solar Cell Modules by Screen Printing + DSC module fabrication

 Maryam Vasei, , Master graduate 1391 (2013),

 Project: Stable Dye Sensitized Solar Cell based on a Gel Electrolyte with Ethyl Cellulose as the Gelator

 Meysam Pazoki, PhD graduate 1391 (2012),

 Project: Investigation of the Effect of Morphology, Surface and Chemical Composition on the Back Reaction of Electrons in Dye Sensitized Solar Cells

 Nafiseh Sharifi, PhD graduate 1391 (2012),
Postdoc 1391-92 (2012-2013)
 Project: Fabrication of Plasmonic Structures and Investigation of the Effect of Surface Plasmon Resonance on Dye Sensitized Solar Cell

 Zahra Ghane, MSc graduate 1391 (2012),

 Project: Fabrication of Monolithic Dye Sensitized Solar Cell Based on Composite Cathode with Platinum Nanoparticles

 Sara Mashhoun, MSc graduate 1391 (2012)

 Project: Optimized Pt Coating for High Charge Transfer- high Transparency Cathodes of Dye Sensitized Solar Cell

 Nahid Ghazyani, MSc graduate 1390 (2012), Assistant Resercher 1390-92 (2012-2013)

 Project: Optimization of mesoporous and scattering layers in Dye Sensitized Solar Cell + DSC module fabrication

 Fatemeh Behrouznejad, MSc graduate 1390 (2012),

 Project: Single Sided Dye Sensitized Solar Cell

 Raheleh Ghahary, MSc graduate 1390 (2012), Assistant researcher 1390-1392 (2012-2013)

 Project: Al doped ZnO NanoStructures by Electrodeposition & Solvothermal Method for
Dye Sensitized Solar Cells + DSC module fabrication

 Mahmoud Samadpoor, PhD graduate 1390 (2011),

 Project: Dye and Quantum Dot sensitized Solar Cells

 Amin Pourandarjani, MSc graduate 1390 (2011),

 Project: Mesoporous TiO2 structures as photoanode of Dye Sensitized Solar Cells

 Rahimeh Sedighi, MSc graduate 1390 (2011),

 Project: Photoanode fabrication of DSSC by electrophoretic deposition of TiO2 nanoparticles in nonaqueous sol

 Sara Ali Mirsalari, MSc graduate 1390 (2011), Assistant researcher 1390-1392 (2011-2013)

 Project: Synthesis of ZnO/TiO2 hybrid nanostructures for DSSC Application + DSC module fabrication

 Mehdi Molaei, PhD graduate 1390 (2011),

 Project: Hybrid Light Emitting Devices based on CdS nanocrystals

 Parvaneh Rohani, MSc graduate 1387 (2008), Assistant Researcher (October 2008 to August 2011)

 Projects: Growth of hydroxyapatite and hybrid structures with TiO2 + TiO2 sol synthesis, self cleaning and antibacterial coatings.

 Mehdi Haghzadeh, MSc student from 2010 to August 2011

 Azin Babaee, MSc graduate 1390 (2011),

 Project: Hybrid LEDs based on CdSe Quantum Dots

 Shabnam Dadgostar, PhD student from October 2008 to April 2011,

 Project: TiO2 hallow spheres as scatterer in dye sensitized solar cell

 Masoud Rahman, PhD graduate 1389 (2011),

 Project: Layer by Layer Self Assembly of TiO2 Nanoparticles to Fabricate Photoanode of Dye Sensitized Solar Cell

 Maryam Haghighi, MSc graduate 1389 (2010),

 Project: biotempltes for the synthesis of silver nanostructures

 Hasan Aldaghi, MSc graduate 1389 (2010),

 Project: Grwoth of ZnCdS nanoparticles for hybrid LEDs

 Elham Ghadiri, PhD graduate 1389 (2010),

 Project: DSC structures based on LPD grown TiO2 fibers

 Leila Shooshtari, MSc graduate 1388 (2009),

 Project: Electrophoretic deposition of TiO2 fibers for DSC applicaiton

 Houman Yaghoubi, MSc graduate 1388 (2009),

 Project: Mechanical properties of TiO2 layers on polymer and glass substrates

 Mansoureh Moeini, MSc graduate 1388 (2009),

 Project: Si nanoparticles obtained from porous silicon: application in hybrid LEDs 

 Maryam Seyed Hosseini, MSc graduate 1388 (2009),

 Project: Organometallic growth of CdSe luminescent nanoparticles 

 Hossein Rezaiyan Bazzaz, MSc graduate 1388 (2009)

 Project: TiO2 photocatalytic air filter for elimination of VOC

 Ghazal Hajisalem, MSc graduate 1387 (2008),

 Project: Thermochemical and microwave growth of luminescent ZnS:Mn nanoparticles

 Rezvaneh Amrollahi, MSc graduate 1387 (2008),

 Project: Microwave and thermochemical growth of luminescent CdS:O nanoparticles

 Arash Mehdizadeh, MSc graduate 1387 (2008), Assistant Researcher 1388 (2009),

 Project: Photochemical growth of Ag nanoparticles on TiO2 films for antibacterial applications

 Mohsen Khajeh Aminian, PhD graduate 1386 (2007),
 Project: TiO2 nanofibers and TiO2 coated fibers

 Mahshid Pourmand, Msc graduate 1386 (2007),
 Project: LPD growth of TiO2 on mica

 Sheema Rahmanseresht, Msc graduate 1386 (2007) and Assistant Researcher 1387-1388 (2008-2009),

 Project: Self cleaning TiO2-SiO2 coatings

 Samaneh Shadmehr, Msc graduate 1386 (2007),

 Project: N-doped visible TiO2 photocatalyst

 Raihaneh Nazarian, Msc graduate 1386 (2007),

 Project: Silica encapsilated Zn2SiO4:Mn luminescent structures   

 Tahereh Saber Gharesou, Msc graduate 1386 (2007)

 Project: Photochemical growth of Ag nanoparticles

 Zahra Hosseini, Msc graduate 1386 (2007) and Assistant Researcher 1387-1388 (2008-2009),

 Project: Electrophoretic deposition of TiO2 nanoparticles on Ag fibers

 Arash Allahgholopour Omrani, Msc graduate 1386 (2007),

 Project: Photoinduced Ag nanoparticles on cellulose fibers.

 Maziar Marandi, PhD graduate 1386 (2007) and Postdoc Researcher 1387-1388 (2008-2009),

 Project: Photochemical growth of CdS nanoparticles

 Mojgan Chavoshi, Assistant Researcher 1384-1386 (2005-2007), Project: TiO2 stable sols.

 Narges Burouni, MSc graduate 1386 (2007)

 Project: Photochemical synthesis of ZnS and ZnCdS nanoparticles. 

 Nafiseh Sharifi, MSc Graduate 1385 (2006),

 Project: Ag nanoparticles and coatings on fibers

 Zohreh Sedaghat, MSc Graduate 1385 (2006) and Assistant Researcher 1385-1387 (2006-2008),

 Project: CdS nanoparticles using thermochemical method

 Maral Aminpour, MSc Graduate 1385 (2006),

 Project: ZnS nanoparticles synthesis.

 Rouhollah Ahmadi, Assistant Researcher 1385 (2006), Project: CVD growth of TiO2 films.
 Hasti Amiri, BSc Graduate 1384 (2005),

 Project: TiO2 nanoparticles acidic sols.