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The 7th Conference on Nanostructured Solar Cells (NSSC96) will be held on December 21-22 in Sharif University of Technology. During the past 6 years, this conference has been the main forum for researchers working in solar cells in Iran. In the previous conferences, some 150-200 participants attended with some 100 papers presented as oral or posters. The Iranian academia has enthusiastically engaged in the research on solar cells. There are already tens of PhD graduates in the field.

The conference is in 2 days: first day is the oral and poster presentations. The second day is devoted to workshop talks which focus more on a more specific / more educational themes. The workshop talks (1.5 h each) is usually presented by the invited speakers.

The topics of the conference include the following items:

  • Perovskite Solar Cells

  • Thin films solar cells

  • Photoelectrochemical Cells

  • Organic and polymer solar cells

  • Dye Solar Cells  

  • QD based solar cells