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Nanoparticles and Coatings Laboratory

Nanoparticles and Coatings Lab (NCL) was established in 2004 in Physics Department , and is one of the network labs of the Institute for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology . The lab is headed by Prof. Nima Taghavinia. NCL is also a member of the ONS network labs in Physics Department. The research in the lab is related to Nanotechnology and Optoelectronics. In particular we work on:

Technologies for low cost/flexible dye solar cells
Manufactureable deposition methods, metal based DSCs, Module fabrication technologies, Monolithic cells
Solution processed CIGS and CdTe solar cells
Materials and methods for solution based CIGS cell fabrication
Solar Cells based on organic-inorganic perovskite absorbers
Pb based perovskite absorbers, Perovskites as carrier transport materials
Photon management in solar cells
Plasmonics, Controlled light scattering, down conversion of solar light
Organic and hybrid LEDs
Luminescent QDs as emissive layer in LEDs
Inorganic electron transport and hole transport layers
Technologies developed in NCL are commercialized through SHARIF SOLAR, which is an NCL affiliated group.